Fascinating eBooks by Teams of Experts


Mighty Guides make you stronger.

Fascinating eBooks by Teams of Experts



Mighty Guides make you stronger.

What makes a Mighty Guide different?

We start with a great question rather than one author’s point of view.

Top experts contribute insightful articles with various viewpoints.

We organize the articles and produce beautiful, in-depth eBooks. This is our gift to you.

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Recent Publications

Learn how to turn your marketing organization into a data-driven marketing organization

In this e-book we have endeavored to discover how companies use data to help ensure the success of their marketing strategies.

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What are the greatest challenges you face in securing your network and application infrastructure?

24 top security experts explain how to remain secure despite the countless security threats facing businesses today.

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What experience do you have applying big data to analytics?

Data Disruption provides a complete understanding of the intersection of big data and analytics.  33 data analytics experts from various industries weigh in. This insider’s guide will excite you.

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How do you manage an implementation team so that everyone comes out happy?

Twenty-two solution implementation experts offer advice for solution implementation teams to help them manage, meet, and exceed their client’s expectations. This book has been generously sponsored by Workfront.

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How do you stay creative amidst all the chaos?

Eighteen top creative directors share their secrets on how they tame the chaos of agency life. With the generous support of Workfront, we have identified many great tips on how to make agency life more manageable and enjoyable.

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What are the most important steps you’d take to transform treasury from reactive to proactive?

24 industry experts share their secrets on Proactive Treasury Management. With the generous support of Kyriba, we have identified the key methods to transform your treasury management.

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